Splash N Fun – Cashless Payment Solution


Splash N Fun Leisure Park


Belle Mare, Mauritius
In a picturesque setting in Belle Mare, Mauritius, Splash N Fun Leisure Park partnered with ICL to implement an innovative Cashless Payment Solution, transforming the way visitors access and transact with attractions, restaurants, and the food court within the park.

Project Overview

Situated in the heart of Belle Mare, Splash N Fun Leisure Park is a unique water park, offering a space for visitors to immerse themselves in aquatic fun and adventure. Recognizing the challenge of securing belongings, especially wallets, while enjoying water-based attractions, ICL introduced a simple yet powerful Cashless Payment Solution.


Effortless Transactions: The Cashless Payment Solution streamlines transactions, providing visitors with a hassle-free and enjoyable experience without the need for physical currency.
Enhanced Security: By eliminating the need for visitors to carry wallets, the solution enhances security, reducing the risk of loss or theft within the water park environment.
Operational Efficiency: The system not only benefits visitors but also facilitates park operations by removing the necessity for staff to handle or process cash transactions.

ICL’s Fintech and Cashless Payment solutions have successfully transformed the visitors experience at Splash N Fun Leisure Park, setting a new standard for convenience, security, and operational efficiency in the leisure and entertainment industry. This collaboration reflects ICL’s dedication to providing tailored, innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

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