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Beau Vallon, Mauritius

Project Overview:

Founded in 1992, Poulet Arc En Ciel Ltée is a distinguished poultry company committed to delivering freshness and quality in every product. Acknowledging the critical role of temperature control in preserving the integrity of their offerings during transportation, Poulet Arc En Ciel partnered with ICL for a comprehensive GPS Tracking and Temperature Monitoring Solution. This initiative ensures the optimal conditions for product preservation, efficient fleet management, and adherence to industry regulations.

Temperature Monitoring Solution:

ICL's Temperature Monitoring Solution represents a pivotal step towards ensuring the quality and freshness of Poulet Arc En Ciel's poultry products. With sensors installed in refrigerated trucks, the system guarantees precise temperature control and monitors door movements to prevent prolonged openings. Key features include:
Door Sensor Alarm System: Seamlessly control room temperature with real-time door sensor alarms, promoting optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
Remote Temperature Access: Access temperature readings remotely without physical intervention.
Real-time Humidity Monitoring: Stay informed about humidity levels for comprehensive environmental control.
HACCP Compliance: Ensure adherence to HACCP regulations for audit compliance.
Quarterly Verification Certificate: Periodic verification certificates affirm the accuracy and reliability of temperature monitoring.
Alerts and Notifications: Receive email and SMS alerts for temperature fluctuations, power events, and out-of-range readings.
Comprehensive Reports: Access reports in chart or numerical formats for easy analysis.
Mobile Application Access: Seamlessly monitor operations through the mobile application.
User Access: Enjoy unlimited user access to the monitoring platform.

GPS Tracking Solution:

In addition to temperature monitoring, ICL implemented a GPS Tracking Solution to provide Poulet Arc En Ciel with real-time insights into their fleet's movements. This solution offers proactive maintenance management, driver performance insights, and a host of features for informed decision-making. Key features include:
Real-time Fleet Visibility: Gain instant visibility into the live and historical locations of the fleet.
Proactive Maintenance Management: Monitor and schedule maintenance needs to ensure optimal vehicle performance.
Driver Performance Insights: Evaluate driver performance metrics for enhanced efficiency.
Intelligent Alerts: Receive timely alerts via SMS and email for quick decision-making.
User-friendly Mobile Apps: Access the tracking system conveniently through mobile apps for IOS and Android.
Comprehensive Reports: Choose from over 20 types of reports and different map options.
Sensor Integration: Integrate various sensors for a holistic approach, including fuel sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, panic buttons, driver identification, and in-vehicle cameras.

ICL’s integrated GPS Tracking and Temperature Monitoring Solution empower Poulet Arc En Ciel with unprecedented control over their logistics operations, ensuring product quality, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

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