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Compliance & Facilities

ICL’s IOT Solutions are crafted to facilitate effortless compliance for companies in different industries. A range of connected sensors is provided, allowing valuable data to be gathered and sent to our applications. With our solutions, operations can be easily monitored, sensor data analyzed, and informed decisions made for improved overall decision-making. 

Our goal is to modernize traditional manual processes, progressing towards sustainability and reducing human errors. At ICL, a future is being paved where innovation and compliance are seamlessly brought together for a more efficient and resilient business environment. 

In addition to our comprehensive array of features, we offer real-time readings, accessible through our user-friendly mobile application. Moreover, our system provides instant alerts via email, mobile app notifications, and pop-up messages, ensuring stakeholders remain informed and empowered. 

We offer a wide range of solutions

What We Are Offering

Automated Building Management System

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Energy Management & AC Control

Gas Detection

Water Management

Asset Management

People Tracking

Electronic Price Tag

Smart Call System

Compliance and Facilities

Automated Building Management System

Our Building Management Solutions (BMS) intricately streamline operations, providing integrated tools for effortless management of building functionalities. Empowering buildings to autonomously monitor, control, and optimize essential systems, our BMS ensures a seamless and responsive environment. Beyond solutions, our commitment is dedicated to a future where buildings operate efficiently and contribute to sustainability goals.

Features & Benefits

Real-time fleet visibility
Proactive maintenance management
Driver performance insights
Intelligent alerts for quick decisions
User-friendly mobile apps for convenience
More than 20 types of reports
Different types of maps
Sensor integration (Fuel sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, panic button, driver identification, in-vehicle camera, among others)

Our GPS tracking Integrate with your business systems

API/Web service integration

Feed your ERP system with fleet operational data and automate your operations. The information is vital for your day-to-day operations.

Over150 API and Web services for seamless and smooth integration with ERP and CRM

Compliance and Facilities

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring through ICL’s Building Management Solutions represents a pivotal aspect of our comprehensive approach to streamlined operations. Our sophisticated system ensures precise monitoring of temperatures within buildings, enabling real-time adjustments for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.  

Key Features & Benefits

Real-time Humidity Monitoring
Quarterly verification certificate
Seamlessly monitor operations via our mobile application
Ensure audit compliance as per HACCP regulations
Access temperature readings remotely without physical intervention
Access reports easily with chart or numerical formats
Enjoy unlimited user access to our platform

Enhance your comfort and energy efficiency effortlessly with our innovative door sensor alarm system. Designed to give you seamless control over room temperature, it adjusts automatically with every door movement, ensuring optimal conditions at all times. Stay ahead of temperature fluctuations, power events, and out-of-range readings with real-time email and SMS alerts, keeping you informed and in control, no matter where you are.

Compliance and Facilities

Energy Management & AC Control

Enhance your building’s efficiency with ICL’s Energy Management, a key component of our Building Management Solutions. Our system offers real-time monitoring, advanced data analysis, and optimal resource allocation for seamless control.

Key Features

Real-time tracking of electricity usage or solar PV system
Option to configure alert notifications for when accumulated electricity consumption reaches a predefined value or if power goes out of range.
Comprehensive reports to better understand your electricity bill or the income from your solar system
Availability of an Android/IOS app on Google Play or Apple Store
Access to real-time statistics, historical data, and energy consumption analysis, including voltage, current, energy, power, and grid contributions
Ability to set power tariffs according to different billing methods, such as fixed rate, tiered rate, and time of use rate
Forecasting of power consumption and electricity bill for a billing cycle

ICL’s Energy Management boosts efficiency and aligns with sustainability, embodying our commitment to smart and responsible building management. 

Compliance and Facilities

Gas Detection

Our Gas Detection solution offers advanced detection capabilities to ensure safety in various environments. Our gas detector is designed to accurately detect liquified petroleum gas (LPG) concentrations in the environment and sound an alarm when the concentration exceeds the default value. Additionally, our Wireless CO Detector provides wireless control alarm functionality for smart homes and high-reliability applications. It utilizes wireless communication methods conforming to the LoRaWAN protocol standard and is specifically designed for the detection of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), in home environments. Key features of our Gas Detection solution include: 

Key Features:

Accurate Gas Detection: Detect liquified petroleum gas (LPG) concentrations with precision.
Alarm Functionality: Sound alarms when gas concentrations exceed preset values.
Wireless Connectivity: Utilize wireless communication methods conforming to the LoRaWAN protocol standard.
High Reliability: Ensure reliable detection of harmful gases in home environments.
Compliance: Fully comply with the LoRaWAN protocol standard for seamless integration and compatibility.

With these features, our gas detection solution provides enhanced safety and peace of mind, ensuring prompt detection and response to potentially hazardous gas concentrations. 

Compliance and Facilities

Water Management

Manage water resources efficiently with ICL’s Water Management. Our comprehensive system monitors water consumption with water meters, detects leaks, and optimizes usage for sustainability.

Key Features

Real-time water monitoring.
Access data and alerts anytime, anywhere.
Quick leak detection to prevent water loss and infrastructure damage.
Track water consumption in real-time for conservation insights.
Stay ahead of equipment issues with predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime.
Compliance and Facilities

Asset Management (LoRa)

At ICL, we excel in delivering bespoke asset management solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries across the board. From retail and manufacturing to food, transport & logistics, and healthcare, our wide-ranging expertise guarantees smooth asset tracking, efficient inventory management, and streamlined processes. 

Retail Sector

Click & collect system for curbside pickups
Price markdown labeling to reduce food waste
RFID tags for efficient tracking in various scenarios

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector
Microlabels for traceability in both directions
Location tracking for streamlined shipments
Real-time RFID tracking solutions for automated data capture

Food Industry

Ensuring Food Safety and Traceability
Allergen and ingredient labeling for consumer transparency
HACCP compliance systems for regulatory adherence
RFID traceability to monitor food ingredient flow

Transport & Logistics

Agile Logistics Solutions
RFID batch scans for accurate inventory management
Optimized picking routes for operational efficiency
Automated label printing and RFID tagging to reduce manual tasks
Compliance and Facilities

People Tracking (LoRa)

Our cutting-edge People Tracking solution combines 3D stereo vision and WiFi counting with advanced AI algorithms, ensuring up to 99.9% accuracy in tracking individuals. With wide coverage for bi-directional in/out counting, coupled with the most advanced AI object recognition technology, our system delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Additionally, our solution offers the following features: 

Key Features

Accurate People Counting: Utilize 3D stereo vision and WiFi counting with AI algorithms for precise people counting
Advanced AI Object Recognition: Identify and track individuals accurately
Customizable Solutions: Create custom logics using Low-Code for tailored solutions
Real-time Data Analysis: Analyze real-time data for informed decision-making
Seamless Integration: Integrate with existing systems for seamless operation
Wide Coverage: Achieve bi-directional in/out counting with extensive coverage

These features empower businesses to optimize resource allocation, gain real-time insights into foot traffic and occupancy, and make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data. 

Compliance and Facilities

Electronic Price Tag

Upgrade your retail experience with ICL’s Electronic Price Tag solution, featuring: 

Dynamic Pricing: Swift real-time adjustments to adapt to market changes
Wireless Connectivity: Seamless communication for quick updates across all tags
Centralized Control: Effortless management and synchronization of pricing information
Energy-Efficient Design: Prolonged battery life with efficient power consumption

Ideal for supermarkets and hotels, especially for buffet menus, ICL’s Electronic Price Tag solution transforms pricing management with flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy. Experience the future of retail where seamless updates and accurate pricing converge for an enhanced customer experience. 

Compliance and Facilities

Smart Call System

At ICL, we revolutionize communication in the hospitality industry with our advanced iCall Systems Technology. Elevate your service standards with our comprehensive range of communication and alert solutions tailored for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, food courts, and parks. 

Why Choose iCall Solutions?

Our ICL brand products are renowned for excellent technology and competitiveness across various business and service areas. We specialize in creating innovative systems for today’s service industry, emphasizing speedy communication and efficient service delivery

Key Features

Wireless Call Points: Streamline communication with wireless call points for prompt service
Essential Alert Messaging: Receive vital alerts instantly for effective response
Call Button Solutions: Water-resistant call buttons with multiple functions for versatile use
Paging Systems: Stay connected with advanced paging solutions
Alarm Monitoring: Ensure security with our comprehensive alarm monitoring solutions

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