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Explore excellence in Fleet Management with ICL, drawing on over 26 years of dedicated industry experience. Our steadfast commitment to sustainability eliminates paper-based inefficiencies, ensuring a seamless operational flow.

From mitigating fuel costs and prioritizing safety to fine avoidance, parts savings, compliance assurance, and extending vehicle lifespans, ICL sets the benchmark. Enhance your fleet’s efficiency with unprecedented visibility into expenses. Choose ICL as your gateway to the future of fleet management

We offer a wide range of solutions

What We Are Offering

GPS Tracking

Fleet Management

Telematic Sensors

In-Vehicle Camera

Digital Checklist

Intelligent Electronic Lock

Intelligent Speed Assist

Field Service Management

API Integration


GPS Tracking

Gain real-time insights into your fleet’s movements with our GPS Tracking solution. Track live and historical locations, receive intelligent alerts via SMS and email, and monitor service and maintenance needs. The Driver Scorecard and Fleet Analytics provide performance metrics for informed decision-making. Access it all on-the-go with our mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Features & Benefits

Real-time fleet visibility
Proactive maintenance management
Driver performance insights
Intelligent alerts for quick decisions
User-friendly mobile apps for convenience
More than 20 types of reports
Different types of maps
Sensor integration (Fuel sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, panic button, driver identification, in-vehicle camera, among others)

Our GPS tracking Integrate with your business systems

API/Web service integration

Feed your ERP system with fleet operational data and automate your operations. The information is vital for your day-to-day operations. Over150 API and Web services for seamless and smooth integration with ERP and CRM


Fleet Management

Smart Reminders

Set reminders based on time (e.g., 1 year) or mileage (e.g., 10,000km). Receive timely alerts. Mark services as completed. Stay ahead with alerts for upcoming service and maintenance.

Efficient Cost Management

Track operating costs, including fuel, service, driver salary, insurance, and tax. Integrate digital fuel sensor rods for real-time fuel monitoring. 

Vehicle Checkup Log

Conduct timely checkups for your vehicle’s mechanical condition. Create a personalized vehicle checkup form with specific items to inspect. Benefits include a longer vehicle lifespan, improved performance, and the prevention of unexpected technical issues.

Add Issue Details and Define Triggers

Record and maintain issues related to your vehicle. Assign reported issues to specific users and set resolution time limits. Define triggers for email notifications based on checkup form events.

Prevent Breakdowns

Manage your fleet maintenance schedule seamlessly. Ensure timely periodic maintenance with our reminder system. No more delayed deliveries due to unforeseen breakdowns.

Keep Vehicles in Prime Condition

Set periodic maintenance reminders. Avoid unexpected costs with no delays in deliveries. Your vehicles are valuable assets; maintain them for longevity and peak performance.

Set Schedules and Stay Informed

Schedule vehicle checkups as needed—once, daily, weekly, or monthly. Receive notifications via SMS, mobile push, email, or pop-ups. 

Service/Maintenance Reports

View or download detailed service and maintenance reports. Gain insights into completed services over the last 6 months. In-built reports are available in PDF or Excel format, including service reminders, expense entries, and running costs.


Telematic Sensors

Improve your fleet’s visibility with Telematic Sensors—fuel, door, temperature, panic, and more. Harness real-time data to optimize fuel efficiency, ensure cargo security, monitor temperature-sensitive shipments, and provide swift response to emergencies.

List of sensors available

Driver identification.
Fuel sensors.
Panic button.
Load sensors.
Door Sensors.
Temperature Sensors.

In-Vehicle Camera (AI): Elevate Driving Safety with Intelligent Solutions

An advanced AI-powered system designed to enhance driver safety through cutting-edge machine vision technology. This sophisticated system diligently identifies abnormal driving statuses, including fatigue, distraction, smoking, or phone usage while driving.

Key Features:

CCTV Recording: Document your journeys comprehensively.
Mobile App Control: Convenient control at your fingertips.
Blind Spot Detection: Added awareness for unforeseen circumstances.
Driver Status Monitoring: Vigilant understanding of the driver's well-being.
Driver Warning Display: Immediate alerts for prompt decision-making.
Advanced Driver Assistances: Smart tech for a refined driving experience.


Enhanced Safety: Proactive detection for safer driving.
Driver Well-being: Continuous monitoring ensures health and focus.
Optimized Driving Experience: Smart tech for a smoother drive.
Efficient Decision-Making: Immediate alerts for quick decisions.

Drive with confidence, empower your drivers and elevate your driving operations with our formal In-Vehicle Camera (AI) solution. 


Digital Checklist: Streamlining Operations with Precision

Mobile Inspections

Mobile inspection app delivers a faster, more efficient mobile inspection process that enables swift corrective action. Empower your operators and maintenance technicians to collaborate in real-time using their existing mobile devices.

Digital Work Orders

Assign maintenance tasks and track the progress of work orders. Share work-order completion data, repair costs, and more. Automate routine maintenance processes for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Planning

Schedule routine maintenance procedures and automate work orders to maintain the highest standards in safety and quality control. Reduce downtime and avoid expensive corrective actions with better preventive maintenance.

Asset Management

Manage business assets more easily with the smart mobile inspection app that streamlines the processes of recording and sharing data. Communicate with team members in real-time and boost productivity through data-driven decision-making.

Real-time Visibility

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with instant access to every inspection, every work order, and every task. See the completion status and get alerts when issues arise.

Schedule Reminders

Set up inspection alerts and schedule notifications for everyone in your team, so that all the information reaches the right people at key points in the inspection process.

Analysis & Reporting

Analyze data and design easy-to-read reports to gain a deeper insight into your business operations. Make decisions driven by reliable data collection and thorough cost and efficiency analysis.

Integrations & API Connectivity

Integrate with your core business applications for end-to-end digital automation.


Intelligent electronic Lock for containers, trailers and trucks

Enhance cargo security with our Electronic Seal, equipped with advanced features for unparalleled protection. From lock status security to practical scenarios, enjoy cost savings across borders and extended working hours. With multiple unlocking methods and robust data security, our Electronic Seal sets a new standard in safeguarding your valuable shipments.


Real time tracking
Unsealing notice
Built-in Esim
Sealing & unsealing status monitoring

Experience the future of cargo security with our Electronic Seal—more than just a seal, it’s a comprehensive solution designed for efficiency, flexibility, and unmatched protection.


Intelligent Speed Assist for Safer Roads

Introducing SpeedFox, a groundbreaking Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology developed in collaboration with ICL. This cutting-edge system ensures real-time, location-aware speed control, promoting positive driver behavior and delivering a range of benefits—from fewer accidents to zero speeding fines. Whether you’re in public transport, courier services, fleet management, or logistics, SpeedFox offers a tailored solution to meet your specific speed control needs.

Key Features

Effortless Road Navigation: Predictable, real-time speed control.
Global ISA Compliance: Stay aligned with evolving speed regulations worldwide.
Smoother Driving Experience: Reduce fuel consumption for a seamless drive.
Enhanced Safety: Fewer accidents, consistently safer roads.
Experience the SpeedFox revolution—a smarter way to drive, saving time, money, and contributing to safer roads.

Field Service Management

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, managing field services efficiently is more crucial than ever. Businesses are in constant search for solutions that can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize resource utilization. Enter our all-in-one solution for field service management—a revolutionary approach that transforms customer orders into clear tasks and routes through the introduction of a digital workflow. 

Job dispatching: Assign jobs based on employee's location, skill set, and current workload. Import tasks from files and third-party applications.
Route optimization: Build efficient routes across the assignments. Less fuel expenses, more time with customers.
Digital forms: Sync data between field and office. Help managers improve service quality, performance and customer satisfaction.
Check-ins and POD: Enable employees to mark locations, send pictures and submit forms on the spot.
Chat and messaging: Replace phone calls and a myriad of messengers with a single chat. Resolve disputes instantly without paying extra.

Track your orders in real-time
with ICL's iTrack

We offer complete and customizable mobility, fleet, and digital services that meet your needs.


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