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Modernizing Traditional Manual Processes

Our Operations Solutions redefine how you manage your business, providing a holistic suite of services to optimize every aspect of your operations. From streamlined point-of-sale transactions to efficient parking and transportation management, ICL empowers your business with cutting-edge solutions tailored for success. Explore a new era of operational efficiency with ICL – driving excellence across your entire business landscape. 

We offer a wide range of solutions

What We Are Offering

ICL Official partner Deliko

360° POS

Cashless Prepaid Card 



Staff Transport Management System

Attendance Management System and access control

Warehouse Management



ICL Official Partner: Deliko

Deliko is a product of Semnox, the leading brand delivering complete business solutions to the entertainment industry since 2008. Having an active global presence in 2000+ sites across 50+ countries.

Deliko’s product range captures the F&B industry’s complex workflow in a simplified way. Our vertical focus includes a single software platform offering tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

Some of our services include: 

CRM integration
Inventory Management
Cashless POS solutions
Kitchen & Store management
ICL Official Partner: Deliko

360° POS system

At ICL, we bring innovation and efficiency to the forefront of your Food & Beverage operations with our comprehensive POS solution. With a 360° approach, we offer a range of features and benefits that cater to the unique needs of your business.

Key Features

Streamlined Bill Splitting
Seamless Integration
Customizable Interface
Effective Table Management
Efficiency & Speed
Cashless Transactions
Real-time Reporting

Additional Solutions for F&B

Food Ordering Kiosk
Digital Signage
Kitchen & Delivery Management
Cashless Solution
360 CRM Solution
Mobile Order Taking
Inventory / Recipe Management
Staff Management
ICL Official Partner: Deliko

Cashless Prepaid Card 

Cashless prepaid cards allow your guests to move through the food court trying lip-smacking dishes without any troubles. 

Key Features

Reliable, Secure, and swift transactions
Easy recharging
Loyalty point allocations
and a lot more
ICL Official Partner: Deliko

Events Management

Our advanced RFID-card technology streamlines the planning of large-scale events, whether held in one place or across multiple locations, by integrating seamlessly with numerous retail, restaurant, and commercial outlets, making the entire process a breeze. We offer versatile point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software on a rental basis, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. This technology not only boosts sales at events of any size, from small gatherings to large festivals, but also ensures full transparency with access to sales data and automated reports. Furthermore, we ensure that your team is trained quickly, enabling them to be up and running in a matter of minutes. And there is much more to our services, all designed to enhance the event experience for organizers and attendees alike.

Key Features

Efficient Access Control
Queue Management
Customized Attendee Experience
Cashless Payment
Ticketing and Registration
Enhanced Security
Faster Transactions
Cashless Solution
Sponsorship Opportuities

Parking Management

At ICL, we believe in simplifying parking operations. Our systems are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, accompanied by a user-friendly suite of business tools.  

Regardless of project size or complexity, we possess the expertise to deliver installations promptly and within budget. Our clientele spans a wide range of sectors worldwide, including airports, shopping centers, municipalities, hotels, and both public and private operators. Whether it’s managing bustling airports and large hospitals or smaller, local off-street parking, we customize solutions to fit your needs. 

Our solution include

Pay on foot stations
Manual cashier terminal
Vehicle detection (sensors/camera)
Multisite management
Payment integration with local banks
Entry and Exit terminal
Mifare access card
Boom Barrier
Loop radar (Laser and pavement)

Staff Transport Management System

Experience a new era in employee transportation efficiency with our advanced system, designed to save costs, optimize routes, and enhance overall satisfaction. 

Key Features

Auto-Routing: Optimize travel routes in real-time.
E-Roster: Simplify employee schedules for efficient pickups.
Bulk Scheduling: Mass scheduling made easy, reducing admin workload.

Visualize Efficiency

Live Tracking
Admin Dashboard
Last-Minute Alterations
Trip Tracking History

Transform your employee transport—enhance efficiency, satisfaction, and safety with our cutting-edge automated solution. 


Attendance Management System and access control

Efficiently manage employee attendance with our comprehensive system designed for seamless integration and optimal performance. 

Our solution include

Biometric Scanner Integration
Real-time Monitoring
Detailed Reporting
Multiple authentication methods: Face / Palm / Fingerprint / Card / Password
Customizable Solutions
Integration Capabilities
User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface and detailed reporting provide a comprehensive solution for hassle-free attendance management. Trust ICL to bring clarity and simplicity to your workforce tracking needs. 


Warehouse Management System 

For organizations to achieve precise inventory control, timely order fulfillment, and overall operational excellence, efficient warehouse management is critical. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software solution designed to help improve warehouse activities. 

Key Features & Benefits

Inventory Tracking: Real-time tracking with Barcoding and RFID for precise stock IDs.
Automation and Integration: Seamlessly integrates with ERP and CRM, automating tasks for error reduction.
Labor Management: Workforce optimization through task monitoring and analytics.
Pick and Pack Strategies: Efficient strategies like batch and zone picking for improved efficiency.
Returns Management: Simplified returns with real-time updates on inventory conditions.
Order Management: Efficient processing from receipt to shipment, optimizing picking speed and accuracy.
Space Optimization: Smart allocation and layout for efficient storage.
Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reports on inventory, order status, with data analytics for insights.
Supplier and Customer Management: Streamlined interactions for accurate order fulfillment.
Security and Compliance: Robust security for inventory protection and compliance standard Top of Form

Our Warehouse Management System is a critical tool for businesses looking to enhance their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency in managing their warehouse processes. 


Guarding System

Enhance your security operations with our Guarding System 

Key Features

Online Guard Tracking and Communication
Monitoring Console
Procedures and Reports
Time and Attendance
Efficient, real-time, and comprehensive—aiding you in effective security management.
Real-time Rounds and Events
Customers and Sites Registry
Personnel Management
Entry and Exit Registration

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