Victoria Urban Terminal – Parking & Terminal Management


Victoria Station Ltd (VSL)


Victoria Urban Terminal, Port-Louis, Mauritius

Parking Management System:

In response to Victoria Station Ltd's (VSL) evolving needs, ICL implemented a cutting-edge Parking Management System at the heart of the Victoria Urban Terminal. This system was designed to revolutionise the efficiency and security of the parking facilities, ensuring a seamless experience for both patrons and operators.

Key Features

Automated Efficiency: ICL's system optimises the usage of the parking area by automatically calculating vehicle ins and outs, providing real-time insights to enhance overall occupancy.
Smart Barrier System: Navigating through the smart barrier system, customers experience a secure and efficient exit process.
Secure Transactions: Emphasising security, the system ensures all transactions are secure, fostering a safe parking environment.
Beyond Tickets Experience: Going beyond traditional ticketing, this system modernises and streamlines the entire parking experience.
Pay on Foot Machine: No need for a manual cashier at all times.

Terminal Management System (TMS):

The Terminal Management System (TMS) introduced by ICL represents a transformational shift in the way Victoria Urban Terminal operates, fostering enhanced communication, efficiency, and oversight.

Key Highlights

Revolutionizing Passenger Information: The sophisticated Passenger Information System (PIS) provides real-time updates on bus schedules, arrivals, and departures. Passengers, via a convenient web app accessible by scanning a QR code displayed in the terminal, can stay informed about bus schedules, ensuring a seamless and informed travel experience.
Optimising Bus Movements: The TMS ensures the seamless flow of buses within the terminal, optimising operations and enhancing the passenger experience.
Real-time Oversight: Terminal supervisors gain real-time visibility, empowering them to monitor and manage activities efficiently.
Advanced Efficiency for Bus Operators: Bus operators benefit from instant notifications upon bus entry, allowing for optimal departure planning.
Simplified Location Allocation: The TMS simplifies location allocation management, reducing the complexity of real-time allocation.
Improved Visibility: Operators gain improved visibility of upcoming departures and location occupancy, mitigating congestion risks.
Empowering Passengers: Passengers benefit from accurate information, reducing unnecessary waiting times and elevating their overall travel experience.
Advanced Management Tools: Terminal operators receive advanced tools to identify bottlenecks, optimise operations, and resolve issues in real-time.
Statistical Insights: Detailed statistical reports offer valuable insights for better planning and optimal resource utilisation.

ICL’s Parking and Terminal Management Systems are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and providing tailor-made solutions for the dynamic needs of modern transportation hubs.

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