Compliance and Facilities

Compliance and Facilities

ICL’s IOT Solutions are crafted to facilitate effortless compliance for companies in different industries. A range of connected sensors is provided, allowing valuable data to be gathered and sent to our applications. With our solutions, operations can be easily monitored, sensor data analyzed, and informed decisions made for improved overall decision-making.

Our goal is to modernize traditional manual processes, progressing towards sustainability and reducing human errors. At ICL, a future is being paved where innovation and compliance are seamlessly brought together for a more efficient and resilient business environment.

Why Should You Work With ICL?

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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring Solutions represents a pivotal aspect of our comprehensive approach to streamlined operations. Our sophisticated system ensures precise monitoring of temperatures, enabling real-time adjustments for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our temperature monitoring feature exemplifies ICL’s commitment to creating responsive, sustainable environments. With seamless integration into our Building Management Solutions, temperature monitoring becomes a cornerstone in fostering a climate-conscious and efficient building ecosystem.

Building Management System

Our Building Management Solutions (BMS) intricately streamline operations, providing integrated tools for effortless management of building functionalities. Empowering buildings to autonomously monitor, control, and optimize essential systems, our BMS ensures a seamless and responsive environment. Beyond solutions, our commitment is dedicated to a future where buildings operate efficiently and contribute to sustainability goals.

Humidity Monitoring

Our system employs advanced sensors to monitor humidity levels in real time, allowing for timely adjustments to ensure optimal conditions. Humidity monitoring exemplifies our commitment to precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time humidity monitoring.
  2. Advanced Sensor Technology.
  3. Timely Adjustments for Optimal Conditions.
  4. Seamless integration into building management solutions.
  5. Precision and Efficiency for Climate Control

Energy Management

Enhance your building’s efficiency with ICL’s Energy Management. Our system offers real-time monitoring, advanced data analysis, and optimal resource allocation for seamless control.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time electric and solar energy usage tracking.
  2. Instantaneous and historical energy data analysis
  3. Predictive billing cycle forecasts
  4. Effortless Wi-Fi connectivity for energy metering
  5. Detailed reports for cost and solar income insights
  6. Mobile app for on-the-go management and many more

Electronic Price Tag

Upgrade your retail experience with ICL’s Electronic Price Tag solution, featuring:

  1. Dynamic Pricing
  2. Wireless Connectivity
  3. Centralized Control
  4. Energy-Efficient Design

Ideal for supermarkets and hotels, especially for buffet menus, ICL’s Electronic Price Tag solution transforms pricing management with flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy. Experience the future of retail where seamless updates and accurate pricing converge for an enhanced customer experience.

Water Management

Manage water resources efficiently with ICL’s Water Management. Our comprehensive system monitors water consumption, detects leaks, and optimizes usage for sustainability.

Water Management Features:

  1. Water Consumption Monitoring
  2. Leak Detection
  3. Usage Optimization
  4. Seamless Integration
  5. Sustainability Focus

Door Monitoring

Accordion Content

Asset Management (LoRa)

Accordion Content

People Tracking (LoRa)

Accordion Content

Gas Detection

Safeguard your environment with ICL’s Gas Detection feature. Our advanced system utilizes cutting-edge sensors to monitor gas levels in real-time, ensuring a prompt response to potential hazards. ICL’s Gas Detection goes beyond monitoring; it’s a proactive solution that enhances safety and security within your building.
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Key Features

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing

Parking Sensors (LoRa)

Revolutionize parking management with ICL’s Parking Sensors, powered by LoRa (Long Range) technology.

  1. Real-time Occupancy Tracking
  2. Seamless Integration
  3. Low-Power Operation
  4. Efficient Space Utilization

Vehicle Detection

Efficiently manage traffic flow and enhance security with ICL’s Vehicle Detection system

  1. Real-time Detection
  2. Accuracy and Reliability
  3. Traffic Flow Optimization

Smart Call System

At ICL, we revolutionize communication in the hospitality industry with our advanced iCall Systems technology. Elevate your service standards with our comprehensive range of communication and alert solutions tailored for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, food courts, and parks. ICL brand products are renowned for excellent technology and competitiveness across various business and service areas. We specialize in creating cutting-edge systems for today’s service industry, emphasizing speedy communication and efficient service delivery.

  1. Alarm Monitoring
  2. Paging Systems
  3. Call Button Solutions
  4. Essential Alert Messaging
  5. Wireless Call Points

We offer complete and customizable mobility, fleet, and digital services that meet your needs.

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