Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology that is so evolved it provides predictable, real-time, location-aware speed control that saves your business time and money.

Speed Control At The Pedal

Introducing the latest offering from ICL, in partnership with SpeedFOX, a revolutionary technology that aims to assist drivers in complying with speed regulations across varying road conditions. By incorporating semi-autonomous features, SpeedFOX intelligently reinforces positive driver behavior, resulting in a range of benefits such as fewer accidents, zero speeding fines, smoother driving experiences, reduced fuel consumption, improved vehicle maintenance, and ultimately safer roads.

One of the key strengths of SpeedFOX lies in its ability to address the specific Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulations that are being enforced by governments worldwide. This cutting-edge technology ensures compliance with the evolving speed regulations, providing drivers with a seamless and effortless experience on the roads.

Through innovative thinking, advanced development techniques, and seamless integration, SpeedFOX has been meticulously engineered to create a consistently safer road environment for everyone. Regardless of whether you operate in the public transport industry, own a courier company, manage a fleet, or are part of a logistics company, SpeedFOX offers a tailored speed control solution designed to meet your specific needs.

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