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Advanced Tracking and Remote Monitoring for High Value Mobile Assets

Intelligent Remote GPS Lock is a sophisticated tracking and asset management applications, provides enhanced functionality, easy installation, and caters for a wide range of applications.

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Chatbot Services

Feature rich to suit every business requirement!

ICL offer design of chatbots to engage with your audiences using interactive interfaces. Giving your bot a personality and communication capabilities, ICL chatbots will allow you to respond to customer queries 24/7.

A build one, deploy multiple model allows you to reply to your clients on multiple channels with one chat engine. Be it on Facebook messenger, on your Websit, via Livechat integration or many more online platforms.

With option of integration with your CRM, accounting software or any other Web platform via web services to capture or reply clients queries, generate sales leads, run marketing campaigns or carry out an online survey.

Save money by eliminating the need for staff 24/7 to respond to only queries. Let the chat engine do the work in an automated way.