The end to end Contact Tracing Solution

The unique Bluetooth wristband that makes contact tracing and social distancing alerts, to stop the spread of the disease. The system is able to notify people who have had contact with a diagnosed person, to initiate preventive quarantine.
One product, two functionalities.

The Architecture

Bluetooth Bracelet & Gateway

How It works

The solution that prevents the spread of a contagious disease


  • The Contact Tracing wristband detects other bands in a range of 6 feet (2 meters).
  • The system registers encrypted contact tracing data within the last weeks, to know, anonymously, the contact chain of each band.
  • The system can reconstruct even multi-level contact chains
  •  If someone wearing the wristband tests positive, the system uploads the encrypted user data to notify people they must quarantine.
  • Only the system can manage this data and is GDPR Compliant


  •  When someone skips safety measures and does not respect the physical distance of 6 feet (2 meters), the wristband vibrates.

Benefits of the solution


Social distance between employees, tourists and any other people within the chain is essential to slow the spread of the virus. Thanks to the vibrations of our Bluetooth wristband, people will be able to maintain physical safety protocols.


If someone tests positive, with our Contact Tracing for Covid-19 solution you’ll be able to quarantine only a specific group of people which will not put the whole hotel to a halt. Equipping all the people within the chain will enable you to quickly identify who were in contact and not. From drivers to hotel staff and excursion organisers.


Extract statistics on employee or user behavior. It is an essential tool to detect possible problems, take the necessary steps and verify that your decisions have had a positive effect. Analytics are available on one click and decisions can be taken rapidly.

Guarantees Data Privacy

Secure and encrypted

The system ensures the privacy of citizens’ or visitors’ data, since these are encrypted identifications that only the system can manage in order to notify the potential infected people due to a contact with a person that has been diagnosed positive for COVID19