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Building Management System

By analyzing your operations, we derive the control that you need for monitoring and management of different assets. Ranging from:

  1. Water/fuel tank control,
  2. audio, visual,
  3. access control,

we offer full fledge systems fitting your needs.

Be it through wireless channels like LoraWan technologies, MODBUS, KNX, MQTT or the likes, we design the whole infrastructure as required.

Some of our most deployed systems in Mauritius and Africa are our remote HVAC control with temperature and compressor monitoring, our Water Tank monitoring with pump control and temperature control within cold chains for Hotels and warehousing.


Monitor and control your different services :

  1. Like power,
  2. heating,
  3. ventilation,
  4. air-conditioning,
  5. pumping stations,
  6. elevators or
  7. light with sensors and control system in place.

Benefits :

24/7 Monitoring

Email/SMS Alerts

Detect overflow/shortage of water

Detect faulty pump

Flexible interface and environment resistance

Cloud Server


Main features :

Temperature monitoring 

Humidity monitoring 

Current sensor 

Motion detection 

Smoke detection 


Water detection 

Voltage sensor 

Open/ Closed for doors 

Level sensor 

Water pressure 


Server Room Monitoring

The environment of server room is one of the most crucial parts for IT professionals to take care of. It does not take long for the temperature to rise in case of cooling failure.  ICL provides you with technology where you can easily manage by exception while receiving alerts on your mobile or email. 

Benefits :

  • Save time with instant notifications 
  • Reduce equipment downtime 
  • Avoid unexpected malfunction or breakdown

  • Accessibility from remote locations 

  • Improve server room efficiency  
  • Reduce operational costs 


Cold Chain Management

The temperature monitoring system is an indisputable requirement in the cold chain. We provide you with remote monitoring on the:

  1. Storage,
  2. transportation,
  3. and preservation of your products.

Be informed of any fluctuations of your temperature threshold. 

Keep cool, sit back and ensure temperature-controlled atmosphere for your products! 

Benefits :

Enhance customer satisfaction

Real time alerts anytime conditions fall below or exceed predefined thresholds 

Avoid food spoilage and loss of inventory 


Assist audit compliance (HACCP) 

Cost saving technology 

Ensure quality of your product on delivery. 



Main features :

Detect heating/ cooling failures 

Temperature control 

Food probe 



Door open/closed 

Power consumption 

Water detection 

Irrigation system in function watering agricultural plants

Benefits :

24/7 Monitoring

Email/SMS Alerts

Detect overflow/shortage of water


Mobile Application

Flexible interface and environment resistance

Cloud Server


Water Tank Management

Our Water Tank Management System allows for total monitoring and control of your water tank system. The solution caters for:

  • Remote view on water level,
  • Overflow,
  • Pumping stations or even pressure on pipes.

The system can further allow automating the water management by providing control to activate secondary reserve tanks only when and if required based on preset conditions and logics from live sensor information.

Get alerted by SMS or email and have a remote web view of what's happening on your water tank operations from anywhere in the world.